Listed below is the product features of Term Deposits. If you need any further information please email us on or call us on 3314955.

Minimum Investment

$500.00 or more

Amounts greater than $250,000 is classified as Wholesale Deposits and attracts special terms & condition including interest rates.

Term 1 month to 60 months (5 years)
Interest Payment Option to pay monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly.
Deposit Methods We only accept cash or Bank Cheque –payable to Merchant Finance Limited for High Notes term deposit accounts. Under extenuating circumstances, we may accept Personal or Company cheques that would be subject to ‘special answer’ from your bank with a fee to apply.
Maturity options At the end of your term, unless we are notified in writing, your deposit will be automatically renewed for the same term but at the interest rate prevailing at the time.
Early withdrawal Subject to early withdrawal fees and conditions. Interest will be paid on the carded rate prevailing for that term at the time of early withdrawal.
Benefits Term Deposit can also be used as a security over MFL Loan Products